Wedding Cakes by Heather

A Custom Creation... 




 Welcome to Wedding Cakes by Heather where every cake is a special order just for you.   









   A customized signature cake will become the centerpiece of your personal event.






    From a small intimate occasion, to that grand event, let us design a custom creation for you!




Wedding Cakes

     All of our cakes consist of three layers of white cake with white buttercream icing.  (Flavored cakes, fillings, and tinted icings are available at an additional cost.)  Cake sizes and costs are based on how many guests you need to serve. Most cakes are variously sized 3-tiers, but more may be added (see Rates & Services for more details).


Groom's Cakes


 Groom's cakes can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The traditional groom's cake is chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  Fresh fruit is commonly used to decorate these cakes, but other options are available.  However, trademarks, logos, and other copyrighted designs cannot be used.